Why Do People Need Dental Fillings?

Why Do People Need Dental Fillings?

Feb 11, 2020

Dental fillings have been around for ages and have saved the teeth of countless numbers of people. People have a misconception that the only reason they need a dental filling is to fill up space after a cavity is drilled. One of the top reasons for getting a dental filling is a cavity but additional reasons also exist that are worth noting.

Let us look at the top reasons why dental fillings are necessary.

Cavities Regardless of Their Shape or Size Need to Be Filled Promptly

Dr. Coats will be able to provide you information if you have a cavity that requires drilling and subsequent dental filling. If you have tooth decay that has caused the formation of the cavity the dentist will drill out the affected portion of the tooth before applying a filling. The filling has the potential to remain with you for about five years and more if it is cared for properly.

Tiny Holes In The Teeth Benefit from Dental Fillings

In some cases, patients have tiny holes in more than one teeth that can benefit from a filling. These holes are not cavities and may not be causing any discomfort to the patient but it is advised that they are filled promptly. Not taking prompt action against these holes is inviting a problem because food can accumulate in the holes and allowing bacteria to cause tooth decay. Moreover, the holes can expand unless they are filled promptly.

Fractured Teeth Can Benefit from Dental Fillings

In many cases, a white composite filling can remedy a fractured tooth. Teeth can fracture for different reasons with some fractures being caused by physical contact when participating in sporting events. A fall, an auto accident or any type of contact to the mouth can also cause a fracture. Chewing on hard stuff such as pencils, ice cubes, and other objects can also fracture the tooth. The aging process can also contribute to a fractured tooth. Preventing fractures when participating in sporting events is easy with the use of a mouthguard. People should discuss the merits of using dental fillings for fractured teeth with dental fillings in Longmont, CO.

Discolored Teeth Can Benefit From Dental Fillings

People may find it surprising but many dentists apply fillings to the teeth that have become discolored after years of unrestricted exposure to wine, coffee, tea, candy, soda pop, and other acidic foodstuff and beverages. Teeth grinding or bruxism or the use of teeth to open things is also a cause for discoloration. People who have discolored teeth should inquire with their dentist about whether they can have fillings to prevent the discoloration from being visible.

Gradual Loss of Tooth Structure Can Benefit From Dental Fillings

The structure of a tooth will be jeopardized when it is damaged. If a significant portion of the tooth structure is lost it may become necessary to apply a dental filling for additional support and visual uniformity throughout the mouth.

People generally believe they do not need fillings unless they have cavities in their mouths that cannot be repaired using other methods. However, the reasons mentioned above should make them aware of when and why they should consider fillings and discuss their concerns with Dr. Coats who will be happy to help them out.

Cavities, when left untreated, can cause major damage to the tooth making people susceptible to other dental procedures that require crowns and bridges. These procedures are expensive, invasive, and can cause anxiety among people that may not be aware of these issues.

People are recommended to take proper care of their oral hygiene by brushing and flossing after every meal and visiting their dentist for biannual checkups to understand whether they need fillings in the mouth for any reason. They should consider it as a preventive measure that can save them a significant sum of money when the matter can be resolved inexpensively. Dr. Brian Coats DDS will be happy to provide people with the information they need about when or why they should consider having fillings in their teeth whenever they go for a scheduled appointment. People will be free to ask questions from the dentists treating them confident with the knowledge that they will receive proper answers to make them aware of their oral condition.