Oral Cancer Screening

Dr. Brian Coats offers oral cancer screenings in Longmont with the VELscope Vx technology. The VELscope system allows the dentist to screen for cancer painlessly, safely, and quickly. Dr. Coats and the VELscope Vx offers hope for the early discovery of oral disease, including pre-cancer and cancer. Call us at 303-776-4090 to schedule an oral cancer screening appointment.

Why Get VELscope Vx Screening?

  1. The VELscope’s blue light stimulates natural fluorescence in the soft tissues of your mouth.
  2. Natural fluorescence, seen through the VELscope Vx, allows Dr. Coats to see disease not visible with the naked eye.
  3. The VELscope Vx helps Dr. Coats discover oral diseases BEFORE it can be seen under ordinary light.

Oral Cancer and Oral Diseases

Dr. Brian Coats offers full oral cancer screening services for patients.

Dr. Coats uses the VELscope Vx system, the most powerful tool available for assisting in the discovery of oral abnormalities. The VELscope Vx system helps identify oral disease early, while it’s still easy to treat.

One of Dr. Coats’ most important tasks is to help locate areas that might, if not treated, progress to oral cancer.

  • Found early, oral cancer’s 5-year survival rate is good: approximately 83%.
  • Found late, oral cancer’s 5-year survival rate is poor: approximately 32%.
  • Clearly, finding oral cancer in its early stages is key to survival.

Oral Cancer Risk Factors

Tobacco and chewing tobacco, along with alcohol, are the leading causes of oral cancer. Over the last four decades, the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), known for its role in cervical cancer, has been showing up in increasing numbers of oral cancer cases.

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