Laser Cavity Detection

Dr. Coats utilizes a combination of laser cavity detection and conventional methods to detect cavities.

80% of tooth decay occurs on the occlusal surface of the tooth. A significant percentage of these cavities go undetected using conventional procedures and instruments. Conventional methods of diagnosing dental decay, such as the use of the dental explorer or bite-wing radiographs, are often ineffective in detecting enamel defects, as they may be too small or inaccessible to the diagnostic tool. As a result, Dr. Coats uses the DIAGNOdent Laser cavity detection solution to find cavities unseen to the eye.

DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection

DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection technology uses harmless laser light to detect a change in tooth structure. Let’s you find tooth decay that until has been lurking undetected. Catches more than 90% of cavities accurately, painlessly, and in just a few minutes. The technology of the DIAGNOdent, a 655 nm diode laser, allows for detection of noncavitated, occlusal pit-and-fissure tooth decay, in addition to smooth surface caries at an earlier stage than visual inspection.

  • Completely safe
  • No X-Ray exposure
  • Painless
  • Fast (checks every tooth in just a few minutes)
  • Accurately detects hidden decay

What does this mean for you?

DIAGNOdent allows Dr. Brian Coats to find tiny bits of decay, therefore, preserving more of your healthy tooth structure. These tiny decay spots can be repaired quickly and easily, sometimes without a return visit. That saves you time and preserves your tooth structure for years to come. Repairing a small cavity costs less, and is less painful than repairing a large cavity. That saves you money and discomfort.

Plus, we have a clear and accurate measurement of your tooth surface with DIAGNOdent. So you have a complete dental history.

You’ll be impressed by DIAGNOdent’s speed and accuracy, and know that you are taking advantage of the most revolutionary cavity detection technology available.

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